Selecting the Right type of mattress

Whenever it comes to purchasing a new mattress, there are a lot of choices and that can be overwhelming. Every manufacturer claims that their product will give you the best rest at night, but an investment like this needs to be planned out. This article will tell you about mattress types and a step by step process to help you find the right product.

The first thing to know about mattresses is that there are three common types. You have latex, foam, and spring mattresses. Each of them will have a different price, service life, and what it helps.

Selecting a mattress type

a) Spring Mattress

This is a traditional version of a mattress. It is supported by metal springs that are inside of the mattress. The springs help to distribute the weight on the mattress. There are various variations of this mattress, but they have the same principle. A good quality spring mattress tends to last between 7-10 years.



b) Foam mattress

This mattress is made from a polyurethane high density fabric that was developed by NASA. It gets it name from being able to form to the body and then go back to its original shape. The foam does react to body heat and it can be stored basically anywhere. A great advantage if the fact that it is lightweight and has a high resistance and long life.

c) Latex mattress

For people who have allergies, this mattress is a good solution. They are basically dust mite proof. It has a sweat resistant function, which allows for better hygiene. It is also recommended for people who happen to sweat a lot when sleeping. Plus, to clean it you just wipe it clean with a cloth. Latex mattresses give you a nice feeling and are very elastic. The only issue is that it can be pricey.

Selecting the firmness of the mattress

Many manufacturers will put their beds into firmness levels. The degree of firmness can depend on your body weight. The number of levels does vary, and there are three common degrees of firmness. You have soft, medium and hard.

Picking the right size

When looking to buy a new mattress, you need to make sure that you are going to fit on it. When shopping for a mattress, you need to find one that will fit your height. It is recommended that you find a bed that is at least 20cm longer than you are. This then leads to the width. You have twin, Twin XL, double, full, queen, King and California king. These all vary the full and up sizes can fit 2 or more people.

Selecting the mattress for sleeping position

Sleeping positions play an important role in what type of mattress you are going to need. A back sleeper will need a mattress that isn’t too elastic because then the spine may come out of alignment. The best mattress for a back sleeper is foam. While stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress so it works best with a spring mattress where a side sleeper needs a bed that has plenty of give to it, so latex is best.


As you can see there are many factors that you have to give consideration to.