Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

Did you know that a third of our life is spent sleeping? That is a lot of time, but it is something our bodies need to stay healthy. Something we also need to remain in proper health, is a good pillow for supporting our head, neck and spine.

Depending on the type of sleeping position you prefer, there are different pillows out there. Below are some of the better pillow options for those who prefer to sleep in a back position.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Adjustable Pillow – $60

If you are looking for a pillow design that allows for a great night sleep, but sometimes prefer a softer or firmer pillow? This one allows you to remove the filling as needed, or adding it to customize your firmness when needed. It is also hypoallergenic.

Malouf Z Zoned Pillow – $55

This pillow is developed using memory foam, which allows for the perfect density for back sleepers. The design also makes sure your head remains cool and supported.

Customsleeping Shredded Gel Pillow – $50

This is a great option for an adjustable pillow as the memory foam filler is designed in clusters to allow for adjustable height by squishing or fluffing the pillow. The spine is kept straight in a neutral position by the neck roll.

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